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The average salary for a Proofreader in U.S. is $46,010.

Annual Average Salary Information

Annual Average Salary: $46,010


Hourly Pay Information

Hourly Average Salary: $22.12


What does a Proofreader earn?

Proofreaders typically earn an average annual wage of $46,010 in the U.S. They often work on a freelance basis, proofreading documents produced by companies and professionals who need to ensure content accuracy and consistency. They can specialise in a variety of fields such as legal, medical, or technical proofreading.

How to earn more as a Proofreader

To become a proofreader you will need to have a qualification in English, such as an MA in English Language or Literature, or a Certificate in Proofreading. Alternatively, you can become qualified to proofread through online courses or apprenticeships. To increase your earning potential as a proofreader, you can move into a specialised area, such as legal or medical proofreading, or become a project manager. You could also become self-employed or set up your own proofreading business.