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How Good Is ChatGPT At Writing Job Descriptions?

Writing job descriptions is something HR professionals have overseen for decades. Some hiring managers like nothing more than getting stuck into researching the particular role and create job descriptions that captivate job seekers with absolute ease. However, other recruiters struggle with this creative part of the recruitment process, so it’s no surprise that their interestContinue reading “How Good Is ChatGPT At Writing Job Descriptions?”

How to Negotiate a Pay Rise

If you’re looking to negotiate a pay rise, it’s important to be prepared and to approach the conversation with confidence. Here are some steps you can take to increase your chances of success: Negotiating a pay rise can be intimidating, but with preparation and confidence, you can increase your chances of success. Remember to focusContinue reading “How to Negotiate a Pay Rise”

Resume Examples

You might be thrilled or wary of writing a resume or cover letter, but the truth remains, it isn’t always an easy task. Your resume needs to present your experience, abilities, and qualifications in a concise way that intrigues recruiters enough to arrange a job interview. Here we share our portfolio of cover letter andContinue reading “Resume Examples”

Resume FAQs

Writing your resume can feel like a daunting task and uncertainties are sure to stop you in your tracks. Here we answer your resume frequently asked questions to help you create a document that persuades recruiters to call you in for a job interview. Resume templates Reviewing practical examples is a superb approach to understandingContinue reading “Resume FAQs”

Resume Template For Temp Work

Getting an interview for temp work requires a strong resume due to stiff candidate competition across most business sectors. Whether you are looking for something temporary, seasonal, or an opportunity to prove yourself and gain permanent employment, you will need to show that you are a good fit and draw the attention of recruiters. AContinue reading “Resume Template For Temp Work”

Fired Resume Template

Your professional life isn’t always going to be plain sailing. One of the most challenging obstacles to overcome is getting fired, being let go due to company restructuring, or losing your job as part of cost-saving due to a downturn in business. Here we explore how to create a resume under these circumstances and avoidContinue reading “Fired Resume Template”