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The average salary for a Postal Service Mail Carrier in U.S. is $54,370.

Annual Average Salary Information

Annual Average Salary: $54,370


Hourly Pay Information

Hourly Average Salary: $26.14


What does a Postal Service Mail Carrier earn?

On average, Postal Service Mail Carriers earn around $54,370 per year in the U.S.. Postal Service Mail Carriers are responsible for sorting, delivering, and retrieving mail from businesses and homes. They also provide customers with information and other services related to mail delivery. A Postal Service Mail Carrier might choose to specialise in an area such as the sorting of bulk mail or distributing parcels.

How to earn more as a Postal Service Mail Carrier

"If you want to be a Postal Service Mail Carrier, you will need to complete an assessment to determine your eligibility. You can become a clerk and work up through the ranks or complete an apprenticeship program to gain the necessary skills. To progress even further in the Postal Service, you could move into a managerial role or come up with innovative services to provide to customers. Additionally, you might even become an independent contractor or open your own mail-related business.