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About was founded in 2022 to help businesses, organizations, employees, and job seekers calculate salaries for almost any job across the USA.

Built upon the success of Check-a-Salary, which launched in the UK in 2017, aims to help U.S. job seekers improve their resumes, benchmark their salaries, and build successful career paths.

Our Salary Calculator provides income insights using data collected from multiple sources across every industry and business sector. Salary data sources include the U.S. Government, company career pages, and information from general and niche job boards, including industry specific job boards and geographical job boards.

Organizations can access our database of more than 55,000 job description templates, creating compelling job adverts that can be advertised across a network of job boards and aggregators, with access to a time-saving Applicant Tracking System.

Job seekers can access over 600,000 jobs and use our job alert service to discover relevant career and job opportunities from hundreds of different job sites.

Company Vision aims to shift the employment and recruitment space into an era of transparency regarding average, minimum, and maximum salaries, career prospects, job skills, and qualifications. We provide accurate data and advice based on extensive research and thoughts from recruitment experts and career advice leaders. 

We share our information and data freely to help employees and employers build lasting relationships based on respect and a shared understanding.

Company Values

We are committed to providing our community with accurate information collated by a team driven to dig deeper, embrace our differences, and lead with efficiency and optimization.

Site Features


Check the average salary for any job title in the U.S., including average annual salary, hourly average salary, salaries by location, and related salaries.


Discover open job vacancies from hundreds of leading job boards and U.S. job aggregators. Search for U.S. jobs in categories such as Administration, Architecture and Engineering, Building Maintenance, Business and Financial Operations, Community and Social Service, Computer and Mathematical, Construction, Design and Media, Education, Farming, Food Preparation and Serving, Healthcare Practitioner, Healthcare Support, Installation and Repair, Legal, Life, Physical, and Social Science, Management, Personal Care, Protective Service, Sales, and Transportation.


Target relevant jobs, filter them, and view new jobs listed across the USA’s job boards.