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The average salary for a Musician in U.S. is $0.

Hourly Pay Information

Hourly Average Salary: $41.46


What does a Musician earn?

On average, musicians earn around $0 per year in the U.S.. Musicians provide an array of services, from performing music for live audiences to composing for television and films. Musicians can also choose to specialise in certain genres or instruments, as well as pursue teaching and session work.

How to earn more as a Musician

If you want to become a musician, you will need to take music lessons to learn the basics of playing an instrument. You can also consider a degree in music or music education, or taking part in an apprenticeship. To make more money as a musician, you can become a teaching artist and offer private lessons to pupils, or move into a specialised area such as songwriting or sound engineering. You may even decide to become self-employed or create your own record label.