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The average salary for a Broadcast Technician in U.S. is $51,280.

Annual Average Salary Information

Annual Average Salary: $51,280


Hourly Pay Information

Hourly Average Salary: $24.66


What does a Broadcast Technician earn?

Broadcast Technicians typically earn $51,280 annually in the United States. Broadcast Technicians are responsible for setting up and operating broadcast equipment, such as cameras, sound equipment, and lighting, to produce radio and television programs. They may also specialise in areas such as editing and sound mixing, video engineering, or video production post-production.

How to earn more as a Broadcast Technician

To become a broadcast technician, you will need to have technical aptitude and experience in media production. Often, this means obtaining qualifications in electrical engineering and multimedia software. To increase your job prospects, you may want to consider taking courses in sound and video engineering, as well as getting hands-on experience in a range of broadcast systems. You could also choose to become freelance or establish your own broadcast business.