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The average salary for a Sales in U.S. is $46,080.

Annual Average Salary Information

Annual Average Salary: $46,080


Hourly Pay Information

Hourly Average Salary: $22.15


What does a Sales earn?

On average, sales professionals in the U.S. earn around $46,080 per year. Sales personnel provide resources and services to customers by way of delivering solutions and resolving problems. They work in a variety of industries and may choose to specialise in one particular sector such as automotive or retail sales.

How to earn more as a Sales

To become a salesperson, you will need to develop your communication, negotiating, and problem-solving skills. Alternatively, you can gain experience in the sales field by doing an apprenticeship. To increase your success as a salesperson, you could move into a specialized area, such as sales engineering, or become a manager in an organization. To become more independent, you could also become self-employed or start your own sales business.

Sales responsibilities

The average sales salary is affected by several important factors, such as whether you work in one of the highest-salary states and the responsibilities of the job title. The job title could be for an entry-level position or senior role, such as Sales Representative (Sales Rep), Sales Support, Retail Salesperson, Travel Agent, or Rental Clerk.

Most sales careers working as Sales Representatives or similar will see you responsible for duties where you may speak to a client to make a sale, record sales data, visit a customer at a business site, participate in sales or marketing events, make outbound sales calls, and travel within your assigned sales region.

Sales Representative leaders earn higher salaries focusing on delegating tasks to Sales Representatives, measuring employee performance, and ensuring legal and regulatory compliance.

Skills and education level

Your education level will also affect your average pay. Most companies will expect you to have a high school diploma for entry-level jobs in sales. You should be paid higher salaries and compensation if you work for employers requesting a high school degree, associate degree, bachelor's degree, or master’s. You could earn more if you earn certifications or join the members of sales organizations and professional bodies.

If you do not have a United States high school diploma, you can take the General Education Development (GED) test to show you have the same level of knowledge and education as a high school graduate. You can take the GED test within America or from 90 countries around the world.

To secure the best employment opportunity and Sales Representative salary, you must have the top skills for Sales Representatives on your resume. Skills include relationship building, sales skills, negotiation, persuasion, time management, communication, and attention to detail.

What to expect from Sales careers

You can start your sales career as a trainee or junior Sales Representative. Graduate-level jobs are also available, with the average Sales Representative salaries reflecting the education attained. You will most likely be expected to work in an office environment or visit potential customers and clients in their homes or businesses.

Your workload and variety of tasks may be dictated by the company size. Smaller companies often prefer sales professionals who have broader knowledge and can complete a wide variety of tasks. Larger companies and offices may see you specialize on key clients, a particular product, or inbound or outbound sales.

While hours may vary across industries, a Sales Representative would expect to work set hours. However, with remote and work-from-home technologies, many positions might offer greater freedom and flexibility, with options to work evenings, days, or weekends.

You will be expected to be adaptable and efficient, handle confidential client data, and follow company policies and guidelines. The working day often follows a similar routine but you may see variety through new clients, products, and services.

Sales job title

There are numerous job titles within the sales industry. Examples of sales-related job titles include Sales Engineer, Sales Rep, Telemarketer, Model, Product Promoter, and Insurance Sales Agent. Specialized roles requiring industry knowledge and a more significant experience level command higher salaries and pay.

You can search for Sales Representative vacancies and salaries on for positions including Parts Salesperson, Cashier, Booth Cashier, and Door-to-Door Sales Worker.

Highest-paying locations for Sales jobs

The location of your job in America and the United States can significantly affect your pay and compensation. You can use our Salary Calculator to check the annual salary and hourly average salary for jobs in any location in America. We have salary and pay data for locations such as San Diego, California, Washington, Denver, Dallas, Tennessee, Seattle, Alabama, Utah, Oregon, Chicago, Tampa, Colorado, Virginia, and more.

You could consider relocating to improve your compensation. However, if you do not wish to relocate, this does not mean you cannot improve your pay. A short commute and working for a business in an inner city location will often mean access to better salaries. If you are interested in a job in a rural location or city, you can use our annual salary data to check if employers are offering a below, above or average salary.

Sales professional development

The sales industry is a world of endless possibilities, where your earning potential is determined by the level of your experience and expertise. For those just starting out, the pay may be humble, but as you climb the ranks and gain valuable experience, the compensation will grow in kind. Graduates with relevant qualifications may command a higher starting salary, but for those truly looking to soar in the sales world, taking advantage of training opportunities such as workshops or online courses is key.

Our per-hour and annual salary data can be your compass, guiding you through the wage range and earning potential for junior, intermediate, and senior industry roles. The sky’s the limit in sales, it’s up to you to reach for the stars.

Sales work experience

Gaining prior sales experience can greatly increase your chances of getting hired and earning a competitive salary in your chosen career path. Practical experiences such as internships, apprenticeships, shadowing, and vacation work can provide valuable skills and knowledge in the field. Even if direct work experience in your prospective job is not available, showcasing transferable skills gained from other experiences can still be beneficial to potential employers and demonstrate your level of experience.

Sales working hours

The working hours for your job and sales career can affect your monthly pay and salary. Larger companies may offer higher overtime pay or additional compensation for working non-traditional hours, such as evenings, weekends, or holidays. The type of employment, like part-time, full-time, permanent, temporary, or contract, can also have an impact on the salary received and should be considered when evaluating compensation fairness.

Sales salary negotiations

When negotiating sales salaries with potential employers, it is vital to be well-informed about typical salaries and compensation factors such as average bonuses for the specific positions you are interested in. Utilize our salary comparison tool and conduct searches for various job titles and locations to determine your value.

Remember that compensation goes beyond just financial benefits and commissions related to sales performance. Take into consideration other perks such as the option to work remotely, extra paid vacation days, gym memberships, or private healthcare when evaluating a job offer.

Annual salary, median salary, and taxes

When you review the median salary or annual salary for a role, it is vital to remember that you will pay taxes on salaries paid. When you receive your pay, you may be liable for various employment taxes, either deducted by your employer or required by self-payment. U.S. government taxes can include Federal Income Tax, Federal and State Unemployment Tax, Social Security and Medicare Tax, and Additional Medicare Taxes.

Sales Job search

If you are seeking a better salary, start your sales job search today. You can search for sales jobs by job title and set up job alerts to get notified as soon as an employer posts their vacancy.