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The average salary for an Athletic Trainer in U.S. is $54,650.

Annual Average Salary Information

Annual Average Salary: $54,650


What does an Athletic Trainer earn?

Athletic trainers on average make $54,650 per year in the United States. They provide support and guidance to many different individuals and organizations, helping to prevent and treat injuries that come with participation in sports. Athletic trainers specialize in areas such as rehabilitative services, physical exercises, and health education.

How to earn more as an Athletic Trainer

If you want to become an Athletic Trainer, you can pursue a degree in an area such as Sports Medicine, Exercise Science, or Physical Education to get started. Alternatively, you can take a degree apprenticeship and gain practical experience in the field. To further your career, you can become a specialist in rehab and prevention, or work in a managerial role within a sports-focused organisation. Finally, you can gain autonomy and work for yourself as a self-employed Athletic Trainer, or even set up your own sports clinic.