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The average salary for an Oil and Gas Roustabout in U.S. is $44,730.

Annual Average Salary Information

Annual Average Salary: $44,730


Hourly Pay Information

Hourly Average Salary: $21.51


What does an Oil and Gas Roustabout earn?

On average, oil and gas roustabouts earn around $44,730 per year in the U.S.. Roustabouts work on offshore and onshore sites, operating machinery and working with teams to maintain and repair oil rigs and production sites. Alongside this, roustabouts also support other workers such as engineers and drillers in completing their daily duties. Roustabouts can then gain experience and training to specialise in areas such as crane operations or hazardous waste management.

How to earn more as an Oil and Gas Roustabout

To become an Oil and Gas Roustabout, you will need to work your way up from a laborer or operator trainee. You can do this through on the job experience or by getting certifications in safety and operational training. Additionally, you may consider taking classes in mechanics or equipment operations to stand out from the competition. To earn more as an Oil and Gas Roustabout, you could move into a specialized area such as operating heavy machinery or become a supervisor in a company. You could even become a contractor and offer your services to multiple companies.