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The average salary for an Accountant and Auditor in U.S. is $83,980.

Annual Average Salary Information

Annual Average Salary: $83,980


Hourly Pay Information

Hourly Average Salary: $40.37


What does an Accountant and Auditor earn?

Accountants typically earn approximately $83,980 per year in the U.S.. They offer assistance to a wide range of clients such as individual taxpayers, business entities, and international companies. An accountant may choose to focus their skills on one particular area, like auditing, bookkeeping, or tax preparation. Meanwhile, Auditors usually make an annual salary of $83,980 in the U.S. They work with a variety of clients, including individual taxpayers, corporate entities, and even global organisations. An auditor might opt to specialise in a certain area of expertise, such as financial consulting, information technology auditing, or risk management.

How to earn more as an Accountant and Auditor

As an accountant, you will need to graduate with a degree in accountancy, business management, or finance. You can also complete an apprenticeship pathway without a degree. To increase your earnings, you can specialize in a specific area like auditing or management in the finance field. Alternatively, you can launch your own accounting firm or become self-employed. To become an auditor, you will need to pursue a degree in accountancy, business management, or finance and gain experience in a related profession. Additionally, you can complete an apprenticeship program to become an auditor. To gain more monetary benefits, you can specialize in a specific field such as internal or external auditing or move up to an audit management position. Additionally, you can start your own auditing firm or work independently.