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The average salary for a Tree Trimmers and Pruner in U.S. is $47,450.

Annual Average Salary Information

Annual Average Salary: $47,450


Hourly Pay Information

Hourly Average Salary: $22.81


What does a Tree Trimmers and Pruner earn?

On average, tree trimmers and pruners earn around $47,450 per year in the U.S. Tree trimmers and pruners take care of trees and shrubs health by removing dead and decaying branches while promoting new growth. They may use pruning and trimming tools, machinery and sometimes use buckets or elevated platforms to reach higher branches. Tree trimmers and pruners may specialise in things such as storm damage, landscape maintenance, or crane tree trimming.

How to earn more as a Tree Trimmers and Pruner

"To become a Tree Trimmer and Pruner, you should have a high school diploma, a reliable vehicle and experience in the field. You might also get your industry-recognized certification to increase your knowledge and boost your appeal to employers. To increase your earning potential, you can specialise in a particular area, such as topping, pruning, deadwood or aerial trimming, or you may choose to become an owner or manager of a tree care company. Finally, self-employment is another great option, as it allows you to set your own rates, set your own hours and make your own decisions."