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The average salary for a Groundskeeping Worker in U.S. is $35,240.

Annual Average Salary Information

Annual Average Salary: $35,240


Hourly Pay Information

Hourly Average Salary: $16.94


What does a Groundskeeping Worker earn?

On average, groundskeeping workers earn around $35,240 per year in the U.S. Groundskeeping workers are responsible for taking care of and maintaining outdoor areas including parks, school grounds, cemeteries, and sports fields. They use tools, such as mowers, to trim lawns and edging tools to create even borders. Groundskeeping workers may also need to use pesticides, fertilisers, and other materials to maintain the attractiveness and health of the outdoor area.

How to earn more as a Groundskeeping Worker

To become a groundskeeping worker, you should: acquire knowledge of landscaping, horticulture, and grounds maintenance; obtain hands-on experience working with tools and equipment; and obtain voluntary or paid work experience. To progress in the role, you could look to move into more specialized areas and achieve certifications, such as in turf management, or become grounds manager of a golf course or other outdoor facilities. You could also consider becoming self-employed and setting up your own groundskeeping business.