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The average salary for an Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technician in U.S. is $69,070.

Annual Average Salary Information

Annual Average Salary: $69,070


Hourly Pay Information

Hourly Average Salary: $33.21


What does an Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technician earn?

On average, electrical and electronic engineering technicians earn around $69,070 per year in the U.S. Such technicians work in fields as diverse as telecommunications, aerospace, automotive and government. They can design, test, install, operate and maintain electrical and electronic components, devices and systems. An electrical and electronic engineering technician can also choose to specialise in a specific field such as medical equipment, renewable energy or consumer electronics.

How to earn more as an Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technician

To become an Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technician, you will need to gain qualifications in electrical and electronic engineering. Alternatively, you can opt for a degree apprenticeship which offers both practical experience and a university qualification. If you want to advance your career, you could move into a specialised area, such as automation or robotics. You could work your way up the ladder and become a manager in an electrical engineering business. Alternatively, you could become self-employed and set up your own firm.