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The average salary for a Fiberglass Laminator in U.S. is $40,360.

Annual Average Salary Information

Annual Average Salary: $40,360


Hourly Pay Information

Hourly Average Salary: $19.40


What does a Fiberglass Laminator earn?

On average, fiberglass laminators earn around $40,360 per year in the U.S. Fiberglass laminators create composite materials used for a variety of industries including automotive, aerospace, and industrial manufacturing. Fiberglass laminators must have the ability to productively use a wide range of tools and materials to fabricate quality parts that meet customer standards. Specialised skills may include the ability to fabricate and repair moulds, work with gelcoat, and use a variety of vacuum-forming techniques.

How to earn more as a Fiberglass Laminator

"If you want to become a Fiberglass Laminator, you will need to have acquired good general knowledge in the field, as well as practical experience. You can gain the experience by working in basic composite fabrication or related fields. Additionally, you can go on a short course or apprenticeship to learn the basics and acquire a certificate. To earn more as a Fiberglass Laminator, you could move into a highly specialised field like marine or aerospace industry. Alternatively, you could become self-employed or start up your own business."