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The average salary for a Motion Picture Projectionist in U.S. is $32,970.

Annual Average Salary Information

Annual Average Salary: $32,970


Hourly Pay Information

Hourly Average Salary: $15.85


What does a Motion Picture Projectionist earn?

Motion Picture Projectionists typically earn roughly $32,970 annually in the U.S. Their duties involve setting up and operating motion picture film and video projection equipment. Motion Picture Projectionists may specialize in either 35mm or 70mm film projection, presentation of digital media, or a combination of these visual media formats. They may also use automated machinery to thread machines and cue up projectors, in addition to verifying the correct aspect ratio for the screen and balancing light levels.

How to earn more as a Motion Picture Projectionist

"To become a Motion Picture Projectionist, you will need to have some kind of training, education, and/or experience in the field. You can obtain this knowledge through vocational studies, workshops, and/or industry-specific courses. Earning more in this field could involve becoming a theatre and cinema manager, creating motion design services, or specialising in technical aspects such as visual and sound engineering. Additionally, you could become self-employed, and offer projectionist services to film and theatre companies.