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Resume For Part Time Job

A strong resume is just as crucial for getting a part-time job as finding a full-time position. Competition for part-time employment is high, so you will need a well-written resume that considers your circumstances.

Maybe you are a student looking to earn money to support your living costs and studies. Alternatively, you could be easing back into work after a career break or looking to reduce your hours due to family commitments or because you are winding down your career and nearing retirement.

Here we give you access to a free part-time job resume and cover all the resume writing basics, including how to:

  • Structure and format a part-time resume
  • Write a part-time job resume introduction
  • Add your work experience
  • Add your education
  • Create a skills section for a part-time job


How to structure and format a part-time resume

The ideal format for a part-time resume fits on a single page (US Letter) unless you have highly specialized skills required for the job or you are applying for an executive-level part-time job. To ensure readability, we recommend using a simple font such as Calibri or Arial, with a font size between 10 and 12 pt.

The structure of a part-time job resume should be as follows:

  • Contact details: Name, telephone number, email, location (optional), and LinkedIn profile (optional)
  • Introduction: A summary of your career skills, experience, and education
  • Work experience: Previous roles and achievements
  • Education: Qualifications and their dates
  • Interests & hobbies (optional): Helpful if you have no work experience

How to write a part-time job resume introduction

Your introduction should summarize your resume, saying who you are and why you are an excellent candidate. You might mention relevant work experience, qualifications, and achievements. When considering relevancy, refer to the job description to discover the recruiter’s values.

Providing evidence to back up your statements is a practical approach to catching the eye of employers. For example, you could say you are an excellent communicator, raising customer service scores by x% in a previous position.

If you are a student or recent graduate without prior work experience, draw on your study modules, projects, extracurricular activities, and volunteer work.

How to add your work experience

A reverse-chronological order of work experience is effective, bringing your most recent and relevant jobs to the attention of recruiters. Include the company name, job title, dates, achievements, and any evidence that quantifies your skills.

If you have a career gap, you can address this here. A statement such as a career break to start a family with the dates is all that is needed. If you are a student or graduate, you might add charity work, internships, or freelance work. You can also place your education section ahead of your work experience on a student’s part-time resume.

How to add your education

Start by adding your highest-level education and work backward. The university or college name, subject, graduation date, grade, and honors should be included.

If you are a student without a work history, capitalize on this section by mentioning modules and projects where you used your skills and the result from doing so. If you have completed first aid training or the job requires a driving license, mention it here.

How to create a skills section for a part-time job

A skills section is a valuable addition if you are a student, graduate, or making a career change. You can highlight transferable hard and soft skills to show the employer that you have the attributes and experience to complete the job. You can place this section ahead of your work experience and education under these circumstances.

Hard skills part-time employers are often seeking include:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Foreign languages
  • Computer proficiency (Microsoft Word & Excel/point of sale systems)
  • Accounting tools (Oracle/SAP)

Soft skills part-time employers are often seeking include:

  • Self-starter
  • Trust
  • Time management
  • Organization
  • Empathy
  • Teamwork
  • Versatility
  • Initiative
  • Diplomacy


Resume templates

If your need further guidance creating a part-time careers-based resume, check out our templates below: