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Should My Resume Only Be 1 Page Long?

The length and extent of a resume are something that many people find themselves questioning. Make an internet search, and you will find many recruiters saying that a resume should only be 1 page long. But, is the advice correct, and does it apply to everyone?

Here we answer the question; should my resume only be 1 page long?

One page or two?

The benefit of a one-page resume is that you put everything right in front of the reader. There is no risk that extra pages will be lost or overlooked, and you are more likely to offer a concise account of your skills and why you are a fantastic candidate.

That does not mean you should not completely rule out a two-page resume. A one-page document is a superb choice for graduates and workers who have held a career for up to fifteen years. However, suppose your industry requires heavy credentials, such as scientific and academic roles, or you are a senior company director or leader. In that case, you may need a two-page resume to convey your experience.

Relevancy, readability, presentation, and adequate evidence of your skills and achievements should always govern the decision of one page or two.

Creating a 1 page resume

When you bring together your content, take a moment to re-read the job description and advert. It helps to consider if each statement you could include adds value and weight to your case. If you say something the employer has, you know it has merit and should be included.

If you have a resume that just creeps over onto a second page, think about the following:

  • Can I delete unnecessary words? Deleting a filler word such as ‘the,’ ‘then,’ or ‘an,’ can be all that is needed to prevent a sentence or paragraph from going onto an additional line.
  • Can I use a bullet point instead of a sentence? Bullet points let you convey the same information but concisely.
  • Have I listed too many jobs? Jobs from fifteen or more years ago probably won’t help you get a new job today.
  • Have I included an irrelevant qualification? A certification in bookkeeping will not help you get a leadership role.
  • Have I included references? This section is no longer deemed necessary.
  • Have I included my mailing address? This is not needed if you are applying online or by email.

What you shouldn’t do to fit your resume on one page

We have explored how you can tweak and adjust your resume to bring it onto one page. But what shouldn’t you do to fit your resume on a single page?

You should not:

  • Reduce the font size below 10 pt
  • Reduce the page margin below 0.5 inches
  • Remove recognition, awards, achievements, skills, or attributes that prove you are a viable candidate
  • List jobs from more than fifteen years ago
  • Remove white space that aids readability

Resume templates

View our resume templates if you find yourself stuck writing your resume or need a little inspiration and practical guidance. We have listed them below by profession: