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Resume Template For Temp Work

Getting an interview for temp work requires a strong resume due to stiff candidate competition across most business sectors. Whether you are looking for something temporary, seasonal, or an opportunity to prove yourself and gain permanent employment, you will need to show that you are a good fit and draw the attention of recruiters.

A resume for temp work must promote your relevant skills, experience, flexibility, and ability to learn new tasks quickly. Here we look at how to do this in each part of your resume and provide a resume template for temp work to facilitate your efforts.


Personal introduction

At the top of your resume, type your name and enter your contact details on the following line. Double-check your phone number and email address to ensure these don’t contain a typo.

A personal introduction is the first subheading and paragraph. The aim is to clearly and concisely convey who you are, why you are interested in the position, what makes you a good candidate, and your career goals. The introduction is also a superb place to let the recruiter know when you can start (immediately is preferable) and the flexibility of your schedule (days, nights, weekends, holidays).

Core skills

If you have graduated or left school recently, a core skills section before any work experience is advantageous. The resume skills section is also helpful for people with limited work experience or those intending to work in a new business sector.

Bring your soft and hard skills to the attention of the recruiter. Most employers are looking for temp workers who are quick learners, adaptable, work well under pressure, have outstanding interpersonal skills, and have reliable time management. The top technical ability is Microsoft Word and Excel proficiency.

Work history 

Work history, including part-time, full-time, temporary, and volunteer work, can be used to populate this section of your resume. Start with your most recent work experience and continue back in time for no more than ten years. If you have many past roles, you can ignore early junior positions.

For each job, include the company name, work dates, job titles, and your duties. We encourage you to provide examples of using the skills the employer mentions in their job description. Achievements, awards, performance figures, cross-department collaboration, and on-the-job training should provide the evidence you need.

Academic achievements 

Your education can essentially quantify your skills, even if you have no work experience. Along with the name of the school or university, graduation dates, and field of study, including the details of projects and course modules where you could leverage the abilities the employer highlights in their job advert, will increase your chances of getting an interview.

Interest & hobbies

You don’t have to write about your hobbies or interests unless doing so will help you prove your case. Still, as you are hunting for temp work, at the very least, you can show your adaptability, flexibility, interpersonal skills, and experience that can transpose into the work environment.


Resume templates

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